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Pressure Cleaning Safety

Pressure Cleaning Safety One thing that is super important to touch on and many wanted to see was....the safety aspect of using pressure washers. Power washing in Florida is quite commonly needed due to the wet climate. This brings many home owners "bravery" levels up to renting and attacking pressure washing for the first time. The fact is the high pressure that some pressure washers produce can be fatal if directed at the human body. Did you know that the air and water forced from the machine (2000-5000 psi) can actually penetrate the skin and potentially send air to the heart thru the blood stream? At the very least, severe pain, swelling and even severe cuts can open the skin. Most times requiring medical treatment and stitches. Pressure washing can be very dangerous if not executed by industry professionals. So please, be careful out there using pressure cleaners; always be sure to receive the proper training. Pro Color Painting painting and power washi