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Paint Spill Horror At The Paint Store

A visit to a paint shop will expose you to several funny and scary things. Starting from the painting tools and equipment to safety gear and items, you are in for a surprise whenever you find yourself in a paint store. Sometimes, you may feel like you are in a horror movie. With different unique and intricate items scattered all over the store, which are colorful and yet scary, you would see paint rollers, commercial paint sprayers, tape, top of the line paint , paintbrushes, paint buckets, caulks and sealants, paint supplies, construction adhesive, glues and Epoxy, tarps, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting. Even some pressure cleaners on the floor for sale. One day, a man visited a paint store to inquire about hiring professional painters. He entered and couldn't find the clerk at the desk. He thought the clerk might be inside the store taking inventory. So, he decided to take a look and call out. Unknown to the man, some painters had just returned from painting a house

Fresh Paint Colors For Summer

Summer Paint Colors Fresh paint on your home's interior and exterior leave an impressive and warm impression on you and everyone that comes to your home. If you are planning to give your home a new coat of paint this summer, it will help you know the right summer colors to help you achieve your goals. Fresh paint unavoidably will create a significant impact on your building. But choosing the right summer paint colors will boost your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal beyond your expectations. Here are fresh paint colors you should consider for summer. And don't forget pressure cleaning  of your exterior to enhance the overall freshening up effects! Consider Vibrant Paint Colors 1. Bright Red Painting your home with bright red color will help to create a significant impact and help you to make a statement. The bright red color is bold and will cause your space to pop out. It is stylish, elegant, and full of energy. The bright red color will undoubted