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Pool Deck Painting 101

  Painting Your Pool Deck Do you know that your pool deck determines the beauty of your pool? It's what attracts swimmers to your swimming pool , and adequate care must be taken not to choose the wrong color or do a bad job. Important Pool Deck Painting Factors A perfectly painted pool deck is very important in prioritizing how your deck feels like and should be made to wear a renewed look from time often. In this article, we shall teach you how best to paint your pool deck like a pro, even in late summer . Please note: It is highly recommended that you repaint your pool deck when it has cracks in it, looks old and dirty with chipping paint. These factors mentioned above can change the entire look of your swimming pool; thus, the need to pay special attention to it.   Pool Deck Preparation Before repainting the pool deck, it is advisable that you do the following a.       Prepare the surface to get a squeaky clean appearance with mildew build-up or pressure wash . b.