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Green Painting

Environmentally Friendly - Green Painting With all the hoopla about saving water, protecting trees and minimizing waste; how many are really doing it? Or significantly making an impact on reducing their carbon foot print on the environment around us?   Are you using a green painting company ?  Many may not know that; one of the most toxic products you can put in our environment is paint. Much of what you find on the shelves today concerning paint and painting products have VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds); making your home, office or any indoor area a potentially toxic environment!  The materials and paint we use have little or no VOC’s; making your home, office or any indoor area much healthier! Our paint meets the highest standards as monitored by the EPA. Most painting companies don’t even consider this concept. Make sure the painting contractor you are using does! Hire a green painter for your next painting project.   In all aspects at Pro Color Pa

Caffé Andiamo - Painting & Staining

Wood Staining in Ponte Vedra Beach Caffé Andiamo project has kicked off. We are staining all of the exterior wood work a beautiful S.W. Riverwood color. This is an especially daunting task; as we are to conduct a level of production that mandates efficiency; at a restaurant that stays open all day and most of the night. The Pro Color crew is amazing at doing these type of challenges and still keeping the boss happy. We will have plenty of pictures coming soon of this beautiful project in Ponte Vedra Beach.   Staining Wood in Jacksonville This is just one more quality project by Jacksonville's leading painting company. Wood Staining

Home Painting Again

It's so good to be back! For many years we have not had access to our blog. This Jacksonville painting company has a lot to share..... Coming soon will be all kinds of information. Commercial, residential, material and unique methods from the "old school". Over 30 years of industry knowledge! A plethora of valuable information at your finger tips. Its about time we had some useful info that isn't found in the mainstream industry. We are Jacksonville painters who think outside the box! Regards, Jacksonville Painting Contractors Sometimes pride and integrity are indicated in the local community. All commitments, service to local charities and giving back "unseen". Many feel this should be a major factor in deciding on a  Jacksonville painting company . Choose painters who give back to the local area! Pro Color Painting is Jacksonville's painting contractors of choice! Also, see commercial painting company for your larger projects.