Paint Spill Horror At The Paint Store

A visit to a paint shop will expose you to several funny and scary things. Starting from the painting tools and equipment to safety gear and items, you are in for a surprise whenever you find yourself in a paint store. Sometimes, you may feel like you are in a horror movie. With different unique and intricate items scattered all over the store, which are colorful and yet scary, you would see paint rollers, commercial paint sprayers, tape, top of the line paint, paintbrushes, paint buckets, caulks and sealants, paint supplies, construction adhesive, glues and Epoxy, tarps, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting. Even some pressure cleaners on the floor for sale. One day, a man visited a paint store to inquire about hiring professional painters. He entered and couldn't find the clerk at the desk. He thought the clerk might be inside the store taking inventory. So, he decided to take a look and call out. Unknown to the man, some painters had just returned from painting a house, and they hung…

Fresh Paint Colors For Summer

Summer Paint Colors
Fresh paint on your home's interior and exterior leave an impressive and warm impression on you and everyone that comes to your home. If you are planning to give your home a new coat of paint this summer, it will help you know the right summer colors to help you achieve your goals.

Fresh paint unavoidably will create a significant impact on your building. But choosing the right summer paint colors will boost your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal beyond your expectations.

Here are fresh paint colors you should consider for summer. And don't forget pressure cleaning of your exterior to enhance the overall freshening up effects!
Consider Vibrant Paint Colors
1. Bright Red Painting your home with bright red color will help to create a significant impact and help you to make a statement. The bright red color is bold and will cause your space to pop out. It is stylish, elegant, and full of energy. The bright red color will undoubtedly transform your space and…

Find A Stress Free Pressure Washing Company

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing your home is an essential maintenance step to spruce up your home or commercial building to keep it clean and maintained. This increases value and hinders costly damage and repairs. Keeping your surfaces clean will stop wood rot in most cases.

Aspects To Consider For Pressure WashingYour building is exposed to the elements, which undoubtedly must have taken a toll on the luster and sheen of your property. However, you need to save your building from dirt, grime, mold, and debris it has acquired, and the best way to clean your building is pressure washing. As a result, you need to hire an experience pressure washing company. Looking for tips to find a stress-free pressure washing company? Do you want to pressure wash your home, landscape, patio, or garage? Are you searching for a reputable pressure washing company? Do not search any further; read the tips below to choose the right pressure washing company
Steps To Find The Right Pressure Washing Service 1…

Pressure Washing Surfaces Will Help With The Corona Virus

The Coronavirus pandemic is daily becoming the headache and health concern of all. Eliminate close contact, common sense and common hygiene help from contracting the virus, these are the best forms of protection. Everyone is advised to wash hands properly, avoid social gatherings, and stop all kinds of physical contact for now. 

  Also, to ensure personal hygiene, another way that may help with the Coronavirus is pressure washing common area surfaces. As a result, if most surfaces that many people will unavoidably get in contact with are chemical treated and pressure washed, most definitely a lot of the threat of the Coronavirus will be washed away. 
  Regular pressure washing surfaces that people touch often will lower the likelihood of the virus being contracted from the surfaces to people’s hands. Since it is not 100% clear how long the Coronavirus can survive outside the body (there are theories), it is essential to disinfect all the surfaces that people will get in contact wit…

Jacksonville Florida Painting Contractors

Jacksonville Florida Painting Contractor

Pro Color Painting Service of Jacksonville, FL. Commercial painting contractor in Jacksonville executing large commercial painting projects in the Jacksonville, FL area, as well as, residential home painting projects.

Residential and commercial painting contractor working hard to bring your Jacksonville property up to par!

Serving Florida's home painting needs for decades with an A+ record!

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Painting Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida

If you are looking for the right way to refresh the interior and exterior of your home or multi-family, painting is the perfect option for you. Hiring a reliable painting company is essential to give your property a curb appeal if you own an apartment building or complex. Having the apartments painted in Jacksonville is a vital way to revamp the look and feel, and sustain rents as well. 
Whether a tenant just moved out or you want to enhance the aesthetics of your property, you will find that painting the apartment is the way to go. Hiring a professional team of painters in Jacksonville for the project will give your property the transformation it deserves. 
If you are searching for a professional painting company to hire for painting apartments in Jacksonville, do not look further; we are here to help you. We provide professional apartment painting services to property managers, HOA, landlords, and tenants in Jacksonville Florida.
Our apartment painting services include, but not lim…

Should I have My Cabinets Professionally Painted?

Maintaining Your Cabinets Maintaining your kitchen cabinets and finishes can often mean cleaning them, keeping them away from dings or scuffs and moisture levels. However, sooner or later you will need to repaint them with a fresh coat of cabinet paint when they become worn and outdated.
This cabinet rejuvenation often happens in the form of cabinet painting to give them that fresh modern glow. Sometimes, the cost of hiring professional painters in the Jacksonville, FL area to handle this job can be overwhelming and you may consider doing it yourself. We warn against this!
Cabinet painting can be a tedious and daunting task. A painting company will help you keep on track when painting your cabinets and give you results of a pro.

Painting Your Cabinets Can Be Elusive One thing to keep in mind is the fact that you are not a professional painter and may not comprehend all there is to cabinet prep and painting. Also, consider that you do not possess the flexibility of a skilled and proli…

Choosing The Right Painter

It's another year and that implies it's the ideal opportunity for progressive home improvement projects. While outside painting or pressure washing is best reserved for fall and summer, it is a perfect time for interior painting projects.
 Above all, you'll need to search Elite Painting Companies who can execute your ideas.
 Painting your home may appear to be simple from the start, yet it is truly best left to the painting professionals. They can take care of business in only a couple of days, or even hours, depending upon the project. Other than that, you won't need to worry about the mess, they'll deal with everything!
 In case you're ready to handle your next home painting project, look no further. In this article, we're talking about certain tips for hiring a painter you can trust. Continue reading to learn more. 

Suggestions from Friends and Neighbors  The most ideal approach to discover a painting contractor is consulting with individuals who hav…

Benefits of Choosing Commercial Painting Contractors

One of the tangled tasks you do when we talk about the rebuilding of your commercial enterprise, you look for a commercial painter who can understand and fulfill your wants.There is a little benefit of a shoddy commercial painting contractor has non-experienced painters. They must have the knowledge and skills consistent with the paint application or waterproofing. Also, the unbridled understanding of the potential safety hazards of any commercial job site. Hence, be sure to choose a commercial painting company with vast experience.

Secondly, they can perform better and efficiently due to the tools they employ. If their tools and lifts are up to date with the industry standards, operating procedures will be enhanced. Also, it assures the capabilities of top-notch commercial painters.
Hence, by choosing the right commercial painting contractor in Jacksonville, FL. you gain an edge. Choosing the right commercial painting company ensures positive results. You can hire many commercial paint…

Painting Holiday Joy

As hard as this may be to believe, Christmas time is right around the corner. As you start thinking how you will celebrate the holiday, and what you will be doing in the way of seasonal painting or decoration, keep in mind the major Christmas painting trends for 2019. Why not incorporate lots of painting for the holiday?

Christmas Painting Focus Because gatherings and meals are the main focus of the holiday season, including on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, painted decor is again making a mark when it comes to decorating in 2019. Specific types of colors may adorn households in 2019.
Remember, silver is returning to Christmas painting & decorating, including trim and accents. Fortunately, there are a variety of colors that are perfect for Christmas themes. Also, be sure and don't be hesitant to ask your painting contractor to add that silver touch to your painting project? Just a bit on trims or borders, etc. can make all the difference.
Painted Ornaments Painted ornaments are h…