Green Painting

Environmentally Friendly - Green Painting

With all the hoopla about saving water, protecting trees and minimizing waste; how many are really doing it? Or significantly making an impact on reducing their carbon foot print on the environment around us? 
Are you using a green painting company?
 Many may not know that; one of the most toxic products you can put in our environment is paint. Much of what you find on the shelves today concerning paint and painting products have VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds); making your home, office or any indoor area a potentially toxic environment!
 The materials and paint we use have little or no VOC’s; making your home, office or any indoor area much healthier! Our paint meets the highest standards as monitored by the EPA. Most painting companies don’t even consider this concept. Make sure the painting contractor you are using does! Hire a green painter for your next painting project.  
Environmentally Friendly - Green Painting
In all aspects at Pro Color Painting we protect and respect the environment. We have been environmentally friendly long before mandatory laws and regulations were put into effect. At this painting company we maintain a consciousness effort to reduce our impact on the environment, in all divisions of our company. 
 In every facet; administration, office and clerical. Being fully computerized we reduce paper consumption by electronic transmission. This eliminates the need to print on a daily basis. 
Pro Color Painting further reduces our carbon footprint by strategically scheduling our daily duties, traveling, payroll and material delivers to only a bare minimum. 
We have found that; being conscious of this; has a huge impact on our painting company’s efficiency and the environment! This includes using recycled items, energy efficient vehicles and equipment. Our office staff, estimators and Jacksonville painters that we employ are just as dedicated. Crew leaders have had extensive LEED training and paint disposal education. 
Green Painting Services in Jacksonville, FL.
We reuse all leftover materials whenever possible. We reclaim, donate or re-use 99% of our leftover or extra paint on a monthly basis. 
Did you know; if you make eco-friendly improvements to your home or business and reporting these on your yearly taxes, may earn you a tax break. We only have one with Green Painting Contractors whenever possible.

Environmentally Friendly - Green Painting


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