Fresh Paint Colors For Summer

Summer Paint Colors

Fresh paint on your home's interior and exterior leave an impressive and warm impression on you and everyone that comes to your home. If you are planning to give your home a new coat of paint this summer, it will help you know the right summer colors to help you achieve your goals.

Fresh paint unavoidably will create a significant impact on your building. But choosing the right summer paint colors will boost your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal beyond your expectations.

Here are fresh paint colors you should consider for summer. And don't forget pressure cleaning of your exterior to enhance the overall freshening up effects!

Consider Vibrant Paint Colors

1. Bright Red
Painting your home with bright red color will help to create a significant impact and help you to make a statement. The bright red color is bold and will cause your space to pop out. It is stylish, elegant, and full of energy. The bright red color will undoubtedly transform your space and make it the focus of attention.

2. Flamingo Pink
Another fresh paint color for summer you should consider is this bright color. You can use this paint color to accent your home's window frames or nook. The color will create a sense of appeal with the ambiance of a romantic glow. You can match flamingo pink with other colors for a remarkable impact.

3. Neutral Colors
Neutral colors such as gray and khaki are colors that make you reminisce of good old times. When combined with dark floors or bright walls, using the neutrals as trims will create a relaxing feeling and cause you to be peaceful.

4. Buttercream Yellow
Other fresh paint colors you can consider when painting the home for summer is buttercream yellow. You can apply the color to your kitchen or living room. The impact of this color on mood is best described as relaxing and soothing. With the stress caused early in the year, as the year is getting wrapped up, the best way to calm your anxiety and unwind is to paint your space with this color.

5. Soft Blue
Use a soft blue color to make your home work well with the summer sun. The color is relaxing, and it will make you feel calm. Transform your bedroom with soft blue color. It will make the room inviting. It will undoubtedly have a pleasing ambiance that is synchronous to the warmness of the summer.

Exciting Paint Colors For Summer

Looking to transform your color scheme?
Transform your home, restaurant or office space with the fresh paint colors above. Let your property have a new and exciting look to your heart's content. To get a painting quote in the Jacksonville area, contact us.


When changing colors for summer, you can bring about a novel experience with warm - vibrant colors. Fresh Summer Paint Colors have an enticing aspect....

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