Paint Spill Horror At The Paint Store

A visit to a paint shop will expose you to several funny and scary things. Starting from the painting tools and equipment to safety gear and items, you are in for a surprise whenever you find yourself in a paint store. Sometimes, you may feel like you are in a horror movie.
With different unique and intricate items scattered all over the store, which are colorful and yet scary, you would see paint rollers, commercial paint sprayers, tape, top of the line paint, paintbrushes, paint buckets, caulks and sealants, paint supplies, construction adhesive, glues and Epoxy, tarps, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting. Even some pressure cleaners on the floor for sale.
One day, a man visited a paint store to inquire about hiring professional painters. He entered and couldn't find the clerk at the desk. He thought the clerk might be inside the store taking inventory. So, he decided to take a look and call out.
Unknown to the man, some painters had just returned from painting a house, and they hung their paint-laden coats on a hanger. As he moved close, the stained coats began to move. He looked intently to fathom what was going on, as he could not see clearly. Suddenly, the receptionist dashed out as if a ghost was pursuing her. The man was so scared that he took to his heels.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it out of the store without an accident. He collided with buckets of high grade paints, and they fell on one another, causing the lids to remove and scatter around, even the paints spilled.
Tragically the man was not lucky; however, he fell into the pool of paints that spilled. The paints were of diverse colors, and the man looked somewhat scary. Almost like a tie dye shirt.
The paint store clerk and painters were speechless and as the man appeared helpless. Passersby could only peep into the paint store and leave wondering what kind of horror that was in the store. The man stood up, confused, not knowing what to do.
The receptionist was trying to hand him some cleaning rags when the professional painters came. They looked in awe and gave a robust belly laugh, for they saw a beautiful mix of paints on him.
Immediately, they appealed to the man to let them take his pictures for social media. They pulled out their cell phones to snap the man garbed in various paint colors before helping him to clean up.
After cleaning up, the man was asked his purpose in the paint store and what he needed. He explained what products he was after and was able to work out a good deal. 
Sometimes visiting the paint store is not what you'd expect. A good lesson here is; be careful of the unexpected and always keep watch of your surroundings.


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