Troubled Stucco - Try Elastomeric Paint

Benefits of Elastomeric

Stucco is part of your home's finishes that transform your walls. Due to its characteristics, stucco is not waterproof and can get damaged by water from the wind-driven rain. However, you can waterproof your stucco by using MasterProtect elastomeric paint on the surface of your stucco. You can create a protective layer of elastomeric paint over your stucco. This will shield the stucco from water.

If there is an external crack in your stucco, it allows water to leak or seep into walls, you may caulk or patch the crack and apply elastomeric paint to finish the repair work. BASF and Sherwin Williams offers high-quality elastomeric paint mainly for its purpose to avoid tearing down your stucco due to leakage or water damage.

When you notice a water issue with your stucco, or it has cracks or 'holes,' even if caulk works to patch the holes, you can rely on the waterproofing power of elastomeric paint to protect your stucco. Elastomeric will seal the cracks and cover all imperfection signs, creating an aesthetic finish for the repair. Silicone based elastomeric such as MasterProtect from BASF is better, but has certain terms that the latex products do not. The latex based seems to be more user friendly, especially with the novice.

 Benefits of Elastomeric Paint to Troubled Stucco

Elastomeric Paint may not be the first solution that comes to mind when there is a need to repair stucco properly. However, elastomeric paint offers the following benefits to stucco repairs.

1. Waterproofing

Elastomeric is a thick waterproofing paint, and if applied over the stucco surface, you can protect your home from water seepage or damage. If the specifications are followed correctly, you can create a waterproof system for your home or business.


2. Protection from Rain and Wind

Elastomeric paint can protect your stucco and home against wind-driven rain by preventing the water from soaking up the wall or seep in. It's used commonly here in Jacksonville, Florida's climate to stop water intrusion on residential and commercial properties.


3. Fill Hairline Cracks

Elastomeric paint can be used to fill hairline cracks in your stucco. This will help to prevent the cracks from getting bigger. It will help you save the bulk of the money you would have used for repairs.


4. Hide the Repair Spot

If you carried out a substantial repair on your stucco, apply a masonry conditioner and paint the repaired surface with elastomeric paint. It will hide the repair spot and create a seamless appearance for the stucco.


Keep Your Stucco Protected

Elastomeric paint can be used to fix little cracks in your stucco, hide caulked areas on the stucco, and create a waterproof layer that will protect the stucco against water damage. With elastomeric paint, you can reduce repair costs significantly and extend the life span of the stucco.


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