Purdy Colossus Roller Covers

 Purdy Colossus Roller Covers are a cutting-edge innovation in the painting world. This unique product delights painters and project owners alike. Nothing seems to excite painters and project owners more than using rollers that hold, and cover a wide range of space and deliver a good quantity of paint without hassel. 


 Another added advantage of using Colossus Roller covers is that it saves you time while allowing for professional painting results with utmost convenience.  Today, this specially designed product has become the painters' delight across the globe.

 This product is crafted to make your painting work most convenient and efficient where production is par.  It is made from a specially formulated polyamide that guarantees greater output.  Furthermore, the product is durable, unlike most lambskin rollers that can fall apart.

 The Colossus Rollers are the best option for a professional painting project.  Wherever they are applied – bricks, drywall or wood surface, you are sure of a product that delivers with utmost precision, just like the pros.

 Walls, bricks and other surfaces painted with this unique product reveal a huge difference in the finish.  They exude maximum consistency and flow. Whatever you paint with this unique product, you are sure to achieve the desired surface effect that radiates the elegance of the professional painter.

 Invariably, this roller has the capacity to carry a good quantity of paint and release on a surface without splatter. The great thing about Purdy Colossus Rollers is that it holds as much paint as a painting contractor needs, without splattering on the floor.  

 When you see a smoothly painted surface that has no glaring cracks and lines, it is easier to believe that Purdy rollers have been used in the work.

 Time means a lot to both the painter and the project owner. The fact that this product can cover one third farther than many lambskin roller covers makes it the choice of painter and project owners.  It saves them time while preventing cleanup common with many other rollers.

 This product rolls one-third farther than what traditional roller covers can. It is perfect for rolling a large projects of new drywall. Colossus roller covers soak up and let out more paint than any other known roller fabric we have used.

 These covers are available in many different sizes. Also, it is easy to wash off after use without shedding off as common with other rollers. They clean and store easily for future use.

 It has unmatched standard to date.  The testimonials of every user have been the same.  Attesting to the product's unrivaled quality, efficiency and time-saving.

 The product is another flag-bearer quality brand that meets the very needs of painters.  Little wonder, interior - exterior painters and project owners opted for it as an integral part of their work that saves them time and waste.

 The next time you think about a roller that delivers exceptionally on quality, think Purdy Colossal Rollers. For years, they have been the choice of most professional painting companies.


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