Waterproofing Your Florida Home

Waterproofing your Home
Waterproofing your home against flooding and heavy wind driven rain remains an important aspect of preparation for Florida homeowners. This is because, waterproofing your home not only protects you from the physical aspect of the heavy rains, it also ensures that you have a warm, clean, dry and cozy home. 

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Considering the constrain of waterproofing homes, we have decided to provide professional information to help you get through with the process of waterproofing your home. In this list, we will mention the basic and most important steps to take when waterproofing your Jacksonville home.

Waterproof your Foundation and Basement: some people think because their foundations are made using concrete it is not susceptible to dampening and becoming waterlogged. Incorrect!!! It is very important to waterproof your foundation as well as your basement. Using a dimpled membrane, for example, prevents water from coming in contact with the walls of your foundations or basement and at the same time, creates a space for the walls to breathe. Also, you can add full protective measures against moist ground water by filling in the cracks in the foundations and walls with products from Tremco.

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Waterproof your Roof: Keeping your roof healthy and water-proofed is your first line of defense against flooding or water incursions. To prevent leaks in your roofing and damaged ceilings, ensure that your chimneys and plumbing vents are sealed properly and ensure to check on them from time to time as the sealing could fail at any time and expose your home to unnecessary water incursions. 

Waterproof Roof Areas

Also, during winter, ensure you take care of the ice dams which form on the roof of your house. Ice dams are walls of ice and snow which form on the edge of your roof surface and prevent snow from running off the roof, thereby causing costly damage.

Waterproofing your Exterior Walls: Just as you have done with the foundations of your home and your roofs, it is also important to waterproof your exterior walls against water intrusion. To achieve this level of protection against wind driven rain and the elements, a waterproof coating may be required. Loxon XP is a good coating made by Sherwin Williams. This waterproofing technique is applied on the exterior of the home. If you have an old home, or water intrusion problems, contact a waterproofing contractor to negotiate a workable solution for your own home.

Importance of Waterproofing

Waterproofing your Windows and Doors: in wet weather periods, wooden door and window frames can become wet and swell up due to the damp weather. Also, windows and doors which have not been properly installed or coated can allow moisture to get into your home. to prevent this, consider sealing them by applying silicone and applying a quality coating to doors and windows.

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Waterproof for Harsh Elements
If you live in an area prone to a wet, harsh climate; such as Florida, waterproofing services for your home or business is paramount. It not only keeps the moisture out, but also deters the costly damage water and moisture can create.


Such valuable info for the harsh climate in Jacksonville, Florida. The rain and water intrusion are real problems here.

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