Purdy Paint Brushes

Purdy brushes are customized, hand-made brushes. Since its inception many years ago, Purdy believes in their brushes and is committed to making quality painting tools. Although this handcraft might take longer to make. However, the aim is to make these brushes of standard and high performance giving every paint project the professional touch while using the unique brush.

Purdy paint brushes carry the signature of the person who made it, to mark a skillful job done with joy and pride. The makers of the Purdy painting brush put all efforts to produce an efficient paint brush, while in the hand of any professional painting contractor, the highest level of quality painting is produced.

It all started in a car garage 85years ago in Oregon with five employees including the founder, Desmond Purdy. Their dream and vision were to hand make the finest painting brush and they set out to achieve this dream.

They are now a household name to reckon with, every painter knows one when given the Purdy paint brush to use without being told the name and manufacturer, will quickly identify the brush just by the feeling and the strokes. Comparatively to other brushes, not so many paint brush companies have this personal attachment with their brushes

The brush company has built a long-lasting name and extensive products line by deliberately following quality assurance policy and listening attentively to the needs of painters. They believe in upholding their job reputation and integrity.

In general, the Purdy paint brushes are in series, and come with different specifications, size, thickness, and lengths. All the Purdy painting brush are uniquely versatile and easily handled for the disabled who have issues gripping.

To further illustrate the excellent and exceptional capability of the Purdy paint brush. The Nylox mode, in particular, provides an ultra-smooth finish and are designed for use with latex paints. In addition, they are handcrafted with 100% nylon filaments from DuPont and will provide a flawless finish to any interior paint project. Each brush is carefully tipped and flagged for beautiful results and long-lasting performance

Furthermore, the Purdy company introduces new products too at each given opportunity. However, it is important to find the right tool or brush for a job specification with the Purdy products selector.

Equally important, the Purdy’s XL Series is the most multifaceted brushes of the Purdy painting brushes, designed for wall, ceilings, and trim. They are of high capacities brushes handmade for pickup, smooth release, and an outstanding finish.

Identically, they have unique stadium-shaped ferrule that holds more filaments, which greatly increase the pick-up and release of coatings. A lot of commercial painters use these!

Notably, regardless the increased price of the Purdy painting brush, these brushes live up to painter’s expectations and up to the brush company reputation.

Lastly, the most incredible part is, paint can be easily washed off and the brush stored for the next job. Truly, Purdy painting brushes are of high quality and capacity. The brushes are durable and will last longer if taken care of properly. What more can be said, Purdy painting brush is excellent.


These paint brushes are perfect for commercial painting.

They really are productive and last a long time.

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