Best Paint Colors for the Home

Choosing brilliant and suitable colors to paint your home can sometimes be a bother, especially when you take all the necessary parameters into consideration. For example, you have to consider visual appeal, comfort and color psychology of some of these color combinations. 

Choosing Paint Colors

A lot of thought goes into the process of selecting paint colors for your new home and you should not ever contemplate skipping on these thought processes. 

Would people feel comfortable when they step into your sitting room? Or would the color of your walls freak them out? When people visit you and leave, what kind of things would they say about the interior? In this post, we curate some color schemes for painting your home. Enjoy.

Ultra Violet: this wonderful color was picked as Pantone’s 2018 color of the year for being a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade”. The color is so brilliant and beautiful and portrays a boldness and regal splendor only associated with royalty. Also, it is not a boring color and does not necessarily need any more accentuations apart from the wall frames you will hang up on the wall of the room.

Ocean Blue: This color evokes the incredible feeling of wanderlust and gives you the impression of being away on a luxury vacation to the Maldives. The color is cool and beautifully alluring in a way that only a shade of blue can be.

Dusk: This shade of blue is so impressive, it feels like sitting in the middle of a cartoon house. Because you can never get enough of blue in your house, dusk is a perfect color to paint your home with. The color both calms and attracts. Carefully combined with yellow or grey, dusk can result in a very bright sitting room space.

Emerald: Deep emerald always feels like that 80’s born that can fit into any generation. It never really gets out of style and remains one of the most powerful colors for painting the home till the day. If you want to get incredible results, try applying emerald on your floor instead of just traditional wood.

Autumn Maple: this incredibly nostalgic color was also named as one of Pantone’s top shades for the fall and even though the colors looks and feels well wedged within all seasons. The color breathes a form of satisfaction and relaxation and is advisable for people who are quite susceptible to stress.

Stone White: if you are an individual who detests or does not react to the sight of plain white walls or you feel they are too hospital-ish, then you may want to consider investing in stone white instead of plain white. Stone white has its own little warmth which makes it feel so inviting.

Green: A lot of people choose the green hues for painting the office. This is the color of focus and concentration. Even schools have picked up on the fascinating affects of green for the classroom.

Whichever paint color you choose to paint your house; careful thought and research will insure a vibrant, healthy combination. If your still at the crossroads of choosing; consult with a painting company that has experience and knowledge with color schemes for the home.


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