Painting for Curb Appeal

Painting for curb appeal is one very cost effective way of making your home or commercial property “pop” with new and varying colors. Tired of living in an old house, but cannot afford to move into a new one, painting your home for curb appeal is a very effective way of giving that home the aesthetic feeling that would make you and all your guests love it the more. And, no. You do not need to spend money on hiring your landscape planner when you can just come up with creative ways of making colors speak in your home. This guide is guaranteed to give you a direction when painting your home for curb appeal.

Redesign Your Front Door
There are different ways you can make the entrance into your home spark off reactions from your guests. One way is to redesign your front door to look like a work of art by painting a pattern or object on it. If you do not possess the steady and careful hand and creative mind of an artist, there is no need to worry as you can buy stencils from various outlets including online. With these stencils, everyone and anyone can be an artist.

Recreate the Experience of Climbing Your Stairs
Repainting your stairs can influence and redefine the feeling of coming home and give your steps a whole new look that would be even better. You can choose to create the illusion of a carpet running up a flight of steps outside your home. The key to achieving this effectively is preparation. Power wash the steps and sand off areas where there may be flaking paint before painting with concrete paint to ensure your work lasts longer. You can use painter’s tape to create the stripes of a carpet but make sure to remove them when the paint is still wet to create the cleanest lines.

Repaint the Light on Your Porch and Give Your House Number a Facelift
Some homes typically have porch lights with the very boring grey paint and this isn’t impressive at all. You can use a brighter, more alluring color to make your porch light glow up and brighten your porch. Even when the light is off, the right metallic color would give your front porch a glow. Also, you can decide to repaint your house number and give it a whole new awesome look that would definitely get people ogling for long.

Stencil for Your Concrete Floors
Another thing to do to give your home that curb appeal is to change the whole face of your concrete floors using stencils. As mentioned earlier, you can get stencils from various outlets by searching online and you can decide to paint the patterns yourself if your hands are steady and if you have the creative eye of an artist.

Use Accent Colors
Accent colors give your home a bold new look and can help boost the look and feel of your apartment. Painting the exterior of your home with bold accent colors is a very wonderful way of getting that curb appeal that you so desire.

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